CRS Bantha The Complete Royalty Suite

The first realy 100% Complete Royalty Suite
Import your content direclty from your distributor

Distribution integration

Cusomers of the distribution-System MCMS,
can use direct sales-import.

Lightspeed calculating

Due to the distributed calculation system, accounts are calculated and made available at lightning speed.

Integrated File-Manager

Fully integrated file manager that greatly simplifies the management of sales accounts.

German Secure Systems

High secure server systems, located in germany.

Sub User

Adaptable to your needs

„The Power is not an ability you have. It’s not about lifting stones.
It is an energy field between all things – a tension, or a balance that holds the galaxy together.“

– Luke Skywalker –


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digital only

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  • 0 - 2.000 € Monthly sales
  • 2GB Storage
  • only digital sales
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digital and phisic

from 99,95€

  • 0 - 2.000 € Monthly sales
  • 20GB Storage
  • digital and phisic sales
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Diana Graf

"Nach langer Suche nach der perfekten Software zur Erstellung von Royalty Statements, welche die Abrechnung von physischen und digitalen Zahlen sowie auch unterschiedlichen Abrechnungsarten problemlos vereinen kann, sind wir bei Bantha endlich an der richtigen Stelle gelandet."

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